Concerts for Sick Children

For terminally ill, very sick or disabled children, everyday life can follow a distinctive pattern. Music in Hospitals is a fantastic charity which has a pool of talented musicians trained to deliver therapeutic benefits to hospice and hospital patients at special group performances and at individual hospital beds via live and participation-focused music concerts.

Music, colour, sound and movement are all present in a Music in Hospitals performance and those who have experienced these performance cite many benefits including:

  • Relaxation and stress reduction
  • A distraction from their ongoing pain and discomfort

“We had one of our 7 year olds die this week and as I sat with mum, she showed me three photos of her son playing on the harp at the concert. She cried as she told me she will cherish the photos forever as it was such a special day. It was the most awake and bright she had seen him in weeks. She said how grateful she was for the precious memory.” – Shooting Star Chase Children’s Hospice

The ACF believes that therapeutic care such as this is invaluable in lifting the spiritis of poorly children and their families, however limited funding means many hospitals and hospices are unable to pay for this kind of specailist therapy. That is why we have funded five concerts specifically to take place in hospices around the UK.

You can help too

You can help Music in Hospitals deliver more concerts to very sick and disabled adult and children by donating online. You can also find out more about Music in Hospitals at: