Emergency Air Rescue

An emergency air rescue from the Lucy Air Ambulance for Children has been enabled through ACF support.

A report for NHS England highlighted that, over a two year period, 806 children who had required air transport to a different hospital were unable to access it because the service was unavailable. The Lucy Air Ambulance for Children works closely with the NHS to help transport children needing specialist medical treatment, to the hospitals that can provide the care they need.

Last year, the Lucy Air Ambulance carried 17 children (up to the age of 16yrs) to the hospitals they needed to be in, and, through the funding the ACF and other charities have given them, it is hoped that this specialist air ambulance service will be able to transport even more children this year.

The average cost of a flight is £5,500 and sees the child accompanied by a neonatal/paediatric transport doctor and specialist transport nurse at all times – both during the flight and in the road ambulance. The air ambulance also helps fund and arrange road or rail travel for the child’s parents, so they can be with their child at the destination as quickly as possible.

“The work of the Lucy Air Ambulance for Children is invaluable; they ensure that the child and the family remain very much the focus and the centre of the transfer and it is always a delight to work with them.” – Dr Faith Emery, Consultant Neonatalogist

What you can do

For more information about the Lucy Air Ambulance for Children, or to make a donation, visit lucyaac.org.uk.