Helping Reduce Hearing Damage in Children

The AlFayed Charitable Foundation has made a major donation to Action on Hearing Loss, the UK’s largest charity for deaf people.

The donation aims to help prevent hearing loss brought about by Glue Ear, a common infection in children that causes pain, discomfort and, in some severe cases, hearing loss.

Glue Ear is caused by chronic inflammation that sees a build-up of sticky fluid in the middle ear, between the ear drum and inner ear. It is the most common reason for paediatric surgery and involves surgical insertion of small ventilation tubes, known as grommets, into the ear drum.

It is yet unclear how effective this treatment is, and because alternative approaches are limited by the difficulty of getting medication past the ear drum (a procedure that requires a general anaesthesia), Action on Hearing Loss are researching new ways to help treat babies and children with the condition.

When Mr Al Fayed heard that a new approach could help reduce the number of children who experience lost or damaged hearing, he was keen to help.

“I know what it’s like to have a healthy baby lose their hearing. It is devastating. Glue ear is a common problem that needs an affordable treatment and doesn’t put a baby or child through the trauma of surgery or general anaesthetic.” – Mohamed Al Fayed

For more information on Glue Ear, please visit Action on Hearing Loss or to make a donation to Action on Hearing Loss, please visit their website.