Hospital for Special Surgery

Mr Al Fayed has made a substantial donation to the new Children’s Pavilion at Hospital for Special Surgery in America on behalf of the AlFayed Charitable Foundation (ACF).

On a recent trip to America, Mr Al Fayed visited the hospital and was impressed by its inspirational work, particularly its treatment of children with devastating conditions such as Club Foot, Spina Bifida and Brittle Bone Disease.

More than 12,000 children from all over the world, are treated at the hospital every year, and many come to rely on the hospital for their mobility and a quality of life.

“Childhood should be about being carefree, playing, learning, having fun; but there are many children that grow up having to be brave because they have a disease or condition that means they are in excruciating pain every day. This hospital gives them the chance to lead a more active life; where they can walk, run and play with greater freedom and less pain.” – Mohamed Al Fayed, The ACF


Mr Al Fayed’s donation will be used to help fund a Children’s Pavilion at the hospital. The Pavilion will focus very much on the family, and will encourage children to interact with their environment to promote a more holistic recovery.

The donation will also be used to allow the hospital to extend its care to an even greater number of young, vulnerable patients.


“We are overwhelmed by Mr Al Fayed’s generosity and are pleased that he has chosen to recognize the significance of our work with this wonderful gift.” – Hospital of Special Surgery


About Hospital for Special Surgery

The hospital for Special Surgery was founded as a children’s hospital in 1863. It has since grown in its expertise and today treats musculoskeletal disorders for adults and children, including conditions such as Club Foot, and Spina Bifida and genetic conditions like Brittle Bone Disease. It also offers paediatric rehabilitation and counselling. The hospital treats more children with these conditions than any other US institution.

To find out more about the hospital and its services, or to make a donation to help it continues to reach more children that need its expertise, regardless of their ability to pay, please visit their website: