Twins joined at the head are successfully separated.

Sudanese twins Rital and Ritag who were born joined at the head, were flown to the UK for surgery and have been successfully separated thanks to the charity Facing the World.

Mohamed and Camilla Al Fayed first learned about Rital and Ritag Gaboura when Facing the World asked them if they could help fly the twins to England for the four operations needed to separate them. There was no hesitation. Mohamed and Camilla arranged for a private flight to carry the girls, their nurses and their parents from Sudan to London as soon as a date for surgery was booked.

On the 15th August 2011, surgeons at Great Ormond Street Hospital conducted four operations on the twins, and the sisters are now successfully separated. Their parents are delighted.

A spokesperson for the AlFayed Charitable Foundation said:


“We are proud of our continued support of Facing the World. We were all particularly moved by the plight of these two beautiful little twins and Mr Al Fayed and Camilla were delighted to be able facilitate their transport to the UK for their momentous operations which have given them a chance of a healthy future.” – ACF spokesperson