Francis House

Opened to provide a home-from-home environment for over 150 families in the North West faced with the stresses of nursing a child with a life-threatening illness, Francis House was faced with a big challenge. With annual costs of £3 million, but only 4% guaranteed funding from Health Authorities, 96% of its costs have to be funded by donations.

The ACF has supported the hospice since 1999, not only through financial donations, but in the visits Mohamed and Camilla make. Kirsty Howard, a girl with a back-to-front heart (pictured) is a regular to Francis House and raises much-needed for the hospice through her charity The Kirsty Club, is someone Mohamed has supported for many years.

What you can do

The fundraising continues. Every penny counts in helping Francis House keep its doors open to those that need it most. To make a donation direct to Francis House, please click here. You can find out more about Francis House by visiting: www.francishouse.org.uk.