Shooting Star Chase

A child’s lifetime may be limited, but their life needn’t be. That is the message used by Shooting Star Chase Children’s Hospice, a charity that cares for children with life-threatening illnesses who are unlikely to live beyond the age of 19.

Hospices like Shooting Star Chase face a difficult challenge: that of funding. Although the government has previously awarded children’s hospieces with a contributing grant, their funding is not ‘statutory’ and is time restricted. Children’s hospices therefore rely heavily on public and private donations to keep them going.

The AlFayed Charitable Foundation supports the children and their families who so desperatelly need the care of Shooting Star Chase, making regular contributions for many years, ensuring the sustainability of their care. Since 2012, Camilla Al Fayed introduced the country’s first Camilla Nurse, funding an integral new member of the Hospice at Home team, making every moment count for so many families who find themselves in the most unimaginable circumstances.

Mr Al Fayred and Camilla have visited the hospice many times and hosted unique tea parties, making treasured memories for the children and their families. Mr Al Fayed also donated the use of his helicopter and pilot to ITV’s Challenge Anneka to transport two sick children to London for a special event to raise money for children’s hospices, including CHASE, across the UK.

What you can do

Every penny counts in helping Shooting Star CHASE keep offering its help to those that need it most. To make a donation, please do so using this link: shootingstarchase.org.uk/donate.