AlFayed School

From a few ageing thatch buildings to 80 new huts and a fully equipped three storey school, the Al Fayed School has made a big difference to children in south Thailand.

First impressions

When Mohamed Al Fayed visited the Phattawa Islam Witaya School (part of the Lufti Foundation at Yala) in South Thailand, he was shocked to find a half completed school and students living in appalling conditions.

The transformation

On consultation with Lufti Foundation ‘elders’ Mr Al Fayed took responsibility for financing the project to completion. A year later, 80 huts had been built and the school fully equipped. Hygiene and safety standards improved too with the creation of footpaths between the huts and school, proper street lighting, waste bins. fire extinguishers, and separate bathroom facilities.

A Brighter Future

Today the school is going strong, providing the sort of basic level education to help Thai children have a better chance for the future.