West Heath School

The former school of Diana, Princess of Wales, went into receivership the day she died, but its legacy survives. Bought by Mohamed Al Fayed to house Val May’s Beth Marie Centre, the school is now using education to rebuild the lives of children who have experienced trauma in their lives.

Run as a charity the school reopened in September 1988 as the New School at West Heath. It is a hit. Classes are kept to a maximum of eight per group, fees are heavily subsidised, and boarding is available. The pupils have even named Mohamed Al Fayed as their “favourite patron”. His daughter, Camilla, is also actively involved in the school,raising its profile through fundraising events such as Lawnfest.

No child should ever have to experience abuse, but for those who tragically do, the New School at West Heath is there to support them. The team at the school have a special motto:

“We believe in the student until they believe in themselves.”

It is clearly working as all students leave with a decent set of qualifications and improved chances for the future.

What you can do

Every year, the school offers a number of Bursaries for the UK’s most vulnerable children. These are the country’s ‘forgotten’ youngsters. Many will have fallen completely through the net following severe breakdown or trauma in their lives.

The New School at West Heath will be there for them, but it needs your help. Each year the school needs to raise thousands of pounds to help support these severely disadvantaged children. Please visit the Charity Choice website or call 01732 460 553 to find out how you can make a difference.