Evelina Children’s Hospital

Nearly 100,000 children are treated every year by The Evelina Children’s Hospital, South London. Specialising in caring for babies born prematurely or with serious medical conditions, funds were needed to build a new neonatal unit so that The Evelina could provide the best possible care it could for its tiny patients.

Mr Al Fayed and Camilla have been two of the Neonatal Appeal’s most generous and committed supporters. A significant donation from the Al Fayed Foundation has provided the most up-to-date equipment as well as specialist beds and cots to enable more babies to receive world class care in the future.

The cost of caring for premature babies is high, and equipping the expanded Neonatal Unit and replacing obsolete equipment will require £1 million over the next two years.
What you can do
If you would like to give a newborn baby the chance of a healthy life or find out more about the Evelina’s Neonatal Appeal and make a donation, please call 020 7188 7744 or visit the website: www.evelinaappeal.org.