Kirsty Howard

Kirsty was one of just two children in the world to have been born with her heart back-to-front, a condition so rare that it doesn’t even have a name. All Kirsty’s other organs were displaced and abnormal blood vessels have developed in her lungs severely restricting her day-to-day living.

Her parents provided the round-the-clock care that her condition demanded, but to give Kirsty a change of scene in an environment that was fun and safe, Kirsty and her parents visited Francis House, a children’s hospice in Manchester.

So impressed by the care and support provided by its staff, and shocked to learn that against an annual running costs of £1.7 million (now £3 million), it’s only guaranteed support was £27,500 made up from five local health authorities, Kirsty established the Kirsty Appeal.

The Appeal aimed to raise £5 million to underpin the long-term future of Francis House and the incredible work it does for very ill children and their families. It was during this campaign that Kirsty first met Mohamed and they became firm friends; he made regular monthly contributions to finance Kirsty’s ongoing care as well as large monthly donations essential in keeping Francis House open.

Sadly Kirsty passed away on 24 September, 2015. She had blossomed into a remarkable young woman whose inspirational approach to life won many hearts.
What you can do
Kirsty’s Appeal was a success, but to help Francis House continue to care for even more terminally ill children and their families in the area, Kirsty set up the Kirsty Club, a charity that raises money solely for Francis House. You can help contribute to Kirsty’s legacy by making a donation or volunteering your time.