FACE for Children in Need

FACE is an Egypt-based charity that aims to help and protect orphans, street children, their families and communities, regardless of their race, culture or religion.

Founded in 2003 and run from Cairo, the charity operates two very specific programmes:

The Early Child Development programme (ECD) – working closely with the Egyptian Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Social Affairs, FACE’s ECD programme trains carers who are responsible for babies in FACE’s three Cairo orphanages. Firmly believing that children should live in homes in order to receive individual care, lover and stimulation, it also researches alternative care place options so that orphaned children don’t end up living in institutions.
The Street Children programme (SC) – run in collaboration with the Egyptian National Council of Childhood and Motherhood since 2008, the programme operates a 24-hour outreach service that sees a team of specialists offer support to Cairo’s most at-risk street children. It also runs a drop-in centre for street children seeking safety and support; and a transitional home that offers shelter to children wishing to leave street life for education or vocational training. The programme also provides medical services in a small clinic and helps children and their families make positive plans for their futures.
The ACF is proud to support FACE’s fantastic work. To find out more or to offer your support, please visit facechildren.org.