Facing the World

One in 200 children is affected by facial disfigurement. The psychological distress and stigma these children face can be enormous. Many are physically beaten or assaulted.

Some children are disfigured from birth because of transferred parental genes, some are exposed to environmental pollutants before they are born; others are injured by trauma or disease. Many have life-threatening illnesses and are limited in their ability to speak, eat and breathe.

Facing the World provides children from the poorest countries with access to reconstructive surgery that can revolutionise their lives. Set up by some of the UK’s leading craniofacial surgeons, Facing the World also trains medical professionals in the latest techniques to treat disfigurement.

Based in Fulham, an area of London Mohamed has long supported through initiatives of his football club, Fulham FC, the charity’s work was brought to his attention and he pledged to support it. His contributions to Facing the World will now give children afflicted with this difficult illness the chance to smile. You can too.
What you can do
Most of the children afflicted with facial disfigurement do not know that help exists. Any donation you can give will help these children have a chance to lead a more normal life and give them the confidence to face the world. Donate now or find out more from www.facingtheworld.net.