UNICEF works with governments, communities and families in over 190 countries to help protect children from exploitation and abuse, and to ensure that every child can play, take part in sport and gain an education.

It supports governments in the building of schools and health systems, the training of teachers and health workers, and the provision of textbooks, food and clean water.

Its incredible and far reaching work has led it to become the world’s largest distributor of vaccines to the developing world.

In 2013, Camilla Al Fayed joined UNICEF’s fundraising committee to help raise awareness of and funds for UNICEF’s emergency appeals so that its on-the-ground teams can continue to protect the health and safety of children in the world’s most devastated communities.

Proud to be able to offer her support, Camilla said:

“The compassion and unwavering determination of UNICEF’s staff to protect children at risk from conflict, exploitation, poverty or discrimination is phenomenal. The AlFayed Charitable Foundation has supported children’s charities and causes for over 25 years, and I’m proud to back the work UNICEF does. I’ve worked closely with UNICEF for over a year now and know that the help we give through awareness building and fundraising, will make an real impact to children whose lives are broken by attitudes and conflicts brought about by an adult world.”

How you can help
Support UNICEF’s current campaigns. Alternatively, donate online at: unicef.org.uk/donate